Medicaid Availability

Very difficult to find in metro area and getting more difficult as the demand for Medicaid assisted living rooms increases dramatically each year

Even more difficult for males/ more females

90% or more of large communities (apartment stye living) are not Medicaid certified

The few that are require 1-2 years private pay or have long waiting lists

More residential care (group) homes (6-8 residents) offer medicaid but many also require 1-2 year  private pay

Most medicaid availability is for semi-private rooms

The higher the care needs...availability more difficult to find

Medicaid certified  communities receive only a total of approximately $2000 monthly for each resident...which includes all but $92 of the resident's income...on average that is approx often 50-75% of what a private pay resident pays for the same availability

Characteristics that enhance medicaid availability:

Independent mobility...ability to go up and down stairs...for finished basement rooms

Low to moderate care relative to assistance needs

Family ability to supplement Medicaid payment for a private room...monthly supplement from $1200-$2000

Family flexability on choice of room and location

Family ability to pay privately for one-two years before resident transitions to Medicaid

Family/resident willingness to accept semi-private room

Family/ resident willingness to accept residential care (group) assisted living versus large community apartment style assisted living

How Senior Housing and Care of Colorado Can Help;

Place prospective Medicaid resident on waiting lists for assisted living residential care homes...and advise when there is availability

Help prospective family/resident aggresively search for medicaid assisted living or medicaid skilled nursing. Medicaid skilled nursing has much more availability than Medicaid assisted living and often is the only alternative for those who require higher care.

The cost for Senior Housing and Care of Colorado to conduct  a search for Medicaid assisted living or skilled nursing is $500....only  payable if the search results in a successful placement of the prospective resident.